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    When self-care becomes selfish

    Navigating the Fine Line Between Self-Care and Selfishness Hey there, folks! Ready to chat about something that’s been buzzing in the air lately. We all know about self-care, right? I mean, it’s all over the place – from social media feeds to lifestyle magazines. But let’s pump the brakes for a moment and ask ourselves, when does self-care transform into outright selfishness? Buckle up, because we’re about to dig into this intriguing terrain. Reflecting on the Thin Line Imagine this: Your buddy plans an exciting two-week escapade to Portugal with a pal. Everything seems fine and dandy, but then suddenly, after just three days, one friend hits the brakes and…

  • Phone Phobia

    How To Make Phone Calls When You Have Phone Phobia

    Phone calls can be tough for a lot of people but if you have a phone phobia you might try to avoid them altogether. Beyond the awkward silences, there’s the fear of not knowing what to say or running out of things that you can say. Your mind is on overdrive and you consider all kinds of dramatic scenarios that will never come to fruition. Phone calls aren’t always fun – they can cause intense anxiety and stress amongst many people. Yet there will be times when you have no choice but to make a phone call, such as when you need to make a doctor’s or dentist appointment. You…

  • Self Care Ideas

    Self Care Ideas For Those Who Struggle To Find Time

    Self care and self love is so important yet so many of us struggle to find the time or the motivation to do something nice for ourselves. You might also struggle to find self care ideas that work for you. It’s important to note that self care isn’t just about the simple act of taking a bath— it’s about reconnecting with yourself. Finding self care ideas that work for you are important. There are lots of different ways we can care for ourselves and some of them may seem a bit obvious. But quite often it’s the simplest ideas that are the best. Buy yourself something that you don’t need…

  • Relieve Stress

    5 Activities To Relieve Stress And Anxiety In Your Life

    Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. You can read more of my disclaimer here. Hobbies are important because they help us to grow and develop a better relationship with ourselves. They can also relieve stress and anxiety. If you’ve got stuck in the same routine of work, eat and sleep, you’ll probably notice that it’s had a negative impact on your mental health too. The truth is we need to have hobbies in order to maintain good health and wellbeing. Ironically, when we struggle with our mental health, we neglect to do some of the things that we love. You might not think that hobbies are always important but they…

  • Keeping Me

    5 Things That Are Keeping Me Going Right Now

    It’s common knowledge that I can be quite a negative person at times. Okay, most of the time. I’ll hold my hand up and admit that I have a very pessimistic attitude towards life. But I want that to change. I want to start taking my own advice that I give other people and start seeing things in a more positive way going forward. So here’s five things that have been keeping me going! 1. Volunteering As I’m currently not working due to anxiety and fibromyalgia, it’s so important to me to have something to fill my time. Whenever I have an entire day at home, my mood instantly drops.…

  • Volunteering

    Why Volunteering Is Helping With My Anxiety

    As someone who has struggled with severe anxiety from the age of 11, I’ve constantly looked for ways to help me to overcome it. When I left school I tried to throw myself into work in the hope that it would force me into becoming more sociable and more confident. It seemed like that was the only option. After all, it was what everyone else around me was doing and they coped just fine. But it didn’t work. I went from job to job feeling miserable, severely depressed, defeated. I never stayed at a job for long because I simply couldn’t control my anxiety. It was overwhelming to the point…

  • Anxiety

    How I’ve Been Managing Anxiety

    Anxiety is a common mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be overwhelming, persistent, and can negatively impact our daily lives. Over the years, I’ve struggled with anxiety and have found ways to manage it effectively. In this article, I’ll share the techniques I use to manage anxiety and why I think it’s important to talk about anxiety. How I’ve been managing anxiety Managing anxiety is a personal journey, and what works for one person may not work for another. For me, I’ve found that a combination of techniques helps me manage my anxiety. These include: Exercise: I find that physical activity helps me release tension…

  • Restart

    How to restart your life

    I would like to restart; press a button and watch in a mesmerising blur the old being replaced with the brand new. Darkened leaves reappear with a splash of fiery red and orange and the golden sun will emerge from the clouds, illuminating the world for the final time. Why do we need to restart? Sometimes, our mental health can become depleted or strained due to various factors such as stress, trauma, or life changes. When this happens, we may experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, or burnout. In order to address these symptoms and improve our mental wellbeing, we may need to take steps to “restart” our mental…

  • Quotes

    10 Quotes To Help Relieve Anxiety In Difficult Times

    Quotes can be a powerful tool to help reduce anxiety in difficult times. Quotes can provide a sense of comfort, inspiration and hope. They can be reminders of our resilience and strength, helping us to focus on the positives in life. Quotes can also be a way to connect with others who are facing similar struggles. In times of difficulty, finding quotes that resonate with us can provide us with much-needed perspective, helping us to remain calm and focused.  1. “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James 2. “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of…

  • Granted

    Why We Won’t Take Anything For Granted After Covid-19

    It’s fair to assume that many of us took the things we had for granted before the pandemic. It’s not that we didn’t care or appreciate the things in our lives, it’s just that we wrongly assumed that those things would always be there. We never thought that at some point we wouldn’t be able to see our close friends and family for weeks on end or go for a coffee in our local cafe or go to the library to take out another book. We never could have prepared for this. So, in a way, it’s understandable that we took for granted the wonderful things that we had prior…