Keeping Me

5 Things That Are Keeping Me Going Right Now

It’s common knowledge that I can be quite a negative person at times. Okay, most of the time. I’ll hold my hand up and admit that I have a very pessimistic attitude towards life. But I want that to change. I want to start taking my own advice that I give other people and start seeing things in a more positive way going forward.

So here’s five things that have been keeping me going!

1. Volunteering

As I’m currently not working due to anxiety and fibromyalgia, it’s so important to me to have something to fill my time. Whenever I have an entire day at home, my mood instantly drops. I feel awful. I need to get out and just do something so I don’t go insane. That’s where going to the charity shop is my saviour, in a way. I always feel proud of myself for going in, for serving customers, interacting with people. It’s so hard to do those things when you have severe anxiety, and some days it can feel just a little daunting. But I’ve got used to it and it seems to be one of the only places I feel a bit more alive.

2. Taking on more challenges

I’m aware that for some people taking on more things can do the opposite of what I’m suggesting – it might make you go insane! But for me, I like being able to challenge myself. Sometimes, I might do things that don’t really work out like I’d hoped, but at least I’m still getting up each time and attempting it. I think that’s the only thing you can do; just try your best. I’m not going to keep beating myself up from now on. If I try something and it doesn’t work out, oh well, there will be other things that I’m good at. See, thinking positive!

3. My Fiancé

I really couldn’t write this post without mentioning my amazing partner who inspired this post. We’re usually opposites. He sees the good in things, whereas I see the bad. He’s the positive one, and I’m the negative. We spoke the other day about my negative way of thinking and even though we’ve had that kind of conversation several times, this time it really made me think. I am being too hard on myself. And what he said to me was true, life is too short to be focusing on the negatives all of the time and not enjoying any of the good bits. When you’re so fixed on viewing the world as a bad place, it doesn’t allow much space in your head to consider the good things in your life. I’ve often overlooked them but they are there. And it’s about time I open my eyes and see that. So, thanks Ian, as always. You are great.

4. Working on different projects

There’s a few things that I’m working on at the moment that are quite exciting. First off, I’m writing a book. It’s on the topic of mental health and covers many different areas. I’m hoping to dedicate a lot of time into it to produce something that might be able to help people, myself included. Just the thought of it gives me a little bubbly feeling in my stomach. I’m also going to take more time to work on my blog because I’ve been neglecting it for so long. I hardly ever connect with any bloggers anymore even though that was something I’ve enjoyed a lot in the past. I suppose, if I’m honest, I assumed my blog was always destined to be a flop. It’s hard building a following, coming up with new ideas, and promoting posts. Like, really bloody hard. But that’s not to say I should give up entirely. I know what my niche is now – it’s health. Mental and physical, as they are equally important. I want to keep working on it, keep learning, and seek advice when I need it.

Keeping Me

5. Knowing that things can get better

I’m usually the person who complains about their constant bad luck. It’s true, I’ve had a lot of bad luck come my way through no fault of my own. It’s not fair, I realise that, but looking at it negatively all the time doesn’t help me much either. Sometimes, for things to get better, you have to take more risks. They don’t always work. And after all, life is all about making mistakes so you can learn from them. That’s not to say I’m going to hurl myself out of my comfort zone at full speed but it does mean I’m going to challenge myself more.