Solo Date Ideas

Solo Date Ideas To Help You Reconnect With Yourself

One of the best ways to form a better relationship with yourself is to simply spend more time with yourself. Although it’s great to enjoy the company of other people, this will only ever provide temporary happiness if you’re not content to be in your own company. So, naturally, it’s important for you to spend some time alone so you can build a better relationship with yourself. If you’re struggling for ideas or in need of some inspiration, then here’s a few solo date ideas to help you on your way.

Spa day at home

Sometimes, going out isn’t always an option. Or maybe you would simply prefer to stay in for the day. Something as simple as lighting a few candles, putting on some music in the background and soaking in the bath can be ideal for those days where you just need to relax and not think about what’s ahead. Being in the present and acknowledging the sounds and textures and smells can be a really great way to de-stress and become attuned with your own body and mind.

Go shopping

There are few things that are better than going shopping. For me, going shopping alone is bliss. Although it took me years to build up the courage, it’s definitely one of my favourite solo date ideas. You can spend as much time as you want in just one shop without having to worry about the person you’re with getting bored. And you only have to go to the shops that you want to shop in, which is a big perk. If you decide to go shopping, then I’d suggest having a browse in some charity shops, too. You can usually find some really brilliant things in there!

Solo Date Ideas

Go out for a meal

Depending on your anxiety levels, going out for a meal is a great way to bond with yourself. I never used to entertain the idea of eating out alone, until one day I was out shopping and I felt really hungry so I decided to enter a pub. It was so nerve-wracking but after that day I realised that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Since then, I’ve had many solo dates in a pub or a cafe and I’ve really enjoyed them. Half the reason I enjoy it so much is because I never thought that I’d be able to do it. The point is – you have to start somewhere. And a solo date in a pub or a restaurant is a great way to discover more about yourself.

Go to a yoga class

If you really don’t think that you’re ready to eat alone, then going to a yoga class might be a better alternative. Most of the people who go to the class will be going alone, so it’s nice to know that you’re all in the same boat. Going to your first class can be scary, but just remember that everyone in the class had to start somewhere too. They may have been just as nervous as you were. Most yoga classes will offer a reduced price or a free session and there’s no commitment at all. If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. At least you tried it!

Go to the library and browse the shelves

If you’re looking for an idea that won’t cost you any money then I’d highly recommend going to your local library. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours and it’s a lot less daunting than some of the other suggestions. Not to mention the fact that finding new books is really exciting!

Go to a pottery class

Poetry isn’t for everyone but if if you’re interested in trying something new and different, then pottery might be for you. There are also a few poetry painting cafes around the country, so you might be able to find one that’s not far from you. You can easily spend a few hours there, lost in your own creative imagination, designing something unique. And within a few days, you can take it home with you.

Go to the salon

For me, going to the salon is an ultimate mood booster. I don’t go too often, so when I do it feels really special. I used to avoid this as I felt guilty about spending money on myself. Now, I realise that feeling better about my appearance is important too. It can also be a really relaxing and calming experience and that’s something that we all deserve. If you’re wondering if you should go ahead and make an appointment, then let this be a reminder that you absolutely should. You deserve to feel good about yourself.

These solo date ideas are just a way of helping you to figure out what you need more of in your life. Depending on your personality and the free time you have each week, you can try to come up with your own ideas that will work for you. Hopefully, these suggestions have helped to inspire you in some way. Happy solo dating!